Crime scene's, natural death's and suicide scenes can
harbour hazardous fluids, produce unpleasant odours
and contain airborne bacteria. It is extremely important
that these biohazards are cleaned quickly and
thoroughly if the risk of infection such as HIV and
hepatitis from airborne pathogens is to be avoided.  
Our specialist crime scene cleaners are available 24
hours a day and will respond within hours to any area
of the UK to ensure complete sanitation of all contaminated areas. Our crime scene cleaning experts
understand the sensitive nature of cleaning areas where a death or suicide has occurred. Therefore,
when performing a crime scene clean they make every effort to ensure they are discreet and sensitive
to the parties involved.
Pigeons carry a host of harmful diseases which are associated with serious bacterial infections such
as meningitis, salmonella, E.coli, listeria and ornithosis. Pigeon fouling is classed as harmful
biowaste  and requires specialist cleaning.  Pigeon waste must be disposed of by means of
sterilisation or incineration. Before any disturbance of a contaminated area we treat fouling with a
specifically designed biocide to kill all bacteria and insects associated with pigeon droppings.  Pigeon
droppings can be slippery and pose a serious risk to pedestrians. As a result, walkways where pigeon
droppings collect must be cleared and preventative measures put in place to reduce risk of accidents.
Phoenix Cleaning Company specialises in environmental cleaning
and in-situ remedial techniques, drawing on its knowledge of
dealing with hazardous materials to offer a comprehensive spill
response and remedial service. Combined with highly trained
confined space cleaning operatives. We can offer a comprehensive
range of specialist services, providing a solution to meet the most
demanding of environmental situations.
Phoenix Cleaning Company has assisted a great number of clients in the
domestic and commercial sector with high quality, effective solutions to
fire disasters. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the task of
fire restoration and combine it with state of the art equipment and
restoration techniques. Our restoration specialists are highly trained and
can be on site in as little as 2 hours. We will make a detailed fire
remediation assessment of the fire and smoke damaged areas, and will
work quickly and effectively to minimize the damage and prevent further
damage to the property. We provide a 24 hour emergency service
enabling us to undertake all projects in a timely and thorough manner,
helping to get you through the rebuilding process.